Mollys Magic Method

  Design Your Own Celtic Knots

Table of Contents


Four-fold Knots     1

Examples of Four-fold Knots-    22

Trilateral (three sided Celtic Knots)-    23

Examples of Trilateral Knots-    30

Border Designs-                        31

Examples of Border Designs-    37

Pentalateral  (5 sided) Knots-     38

Examples of Pentalateral Knots-     40

Making One Path Knots-           41

Special Use Patterns-                43

Examples of Triangular Knots-    45

Zoomorphics-                             46

Triskeles and Other Add-ons       51

Capital Letters-                                    57

Celtic Alphabet (a complete alphabet)-  61

Transferring Knots to projects-75                                              

What can I do with these Knots -             79

Other Dimensions  3-D Knots

  (making cubes, pyramids, icosahedrons, and Buckyball knots)- 85

How to make Stencils from Knots-            106

Teaching Younger Children             109

Making Celtic Crosses            113

Questions-     (F.A.Q.)-          116






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"Design Your Own Celtic Knots"

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