Double Pointed Knitting Needles


All Hand Made by Molly

Hot Forged in Solid Bronze or Sterling Silver


 Our Bronze come in sizes 00, 1, 3, or 6.

I make them 5 needles to a set, and they are 6 inches long.

If you want them in another length, write for prices.



 Bronze set size #1 with matching Cable Needle


plus $7.25 shipping

Order a set like this now



 Bronze set size 1




plus $7.25 shipping

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A set of Bronze Size 3



plus $7.25 shipping



A set of Bronze Size 6



plus $7.25 shipping.

I will make you a set.




A set of Bronze Size 00


$30.00 plus $7.25 shipping.

( these are a little bit bendy but work well

and they will work harden with use )





"Your needles arrived today and I love them! So beautiful made!

I had to try knitting with them right away and they are lying wonderful

 in my hands! Thank you so much! "...Petra, in Germany


Sterling Silver Double Pointed Needle Sets


I make these in sizes 0, 1, 2, and 3.

There are five needles to a set,

and they are 6 inches long.



Sterling Silver

Size  0 are $115 per set

plus $9.50 shipping

To Order a set now




 Sterling Silver

Size 1 are $151.00 per set.

plus $9.50 shipping

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Sterling Silver

Size 2 are $170.00 per set

plus $9.50 shipping

To Order a set now click  





Sterling Silver

Size 3 are $233.00 per set

plus 14.00 shipping

Order a set now





I can make them in different lengths and pointy-ness.

I can add a matching cable needle to any of these sets.

Just write and ask for prices.



About sizes:

In Sterling Silver, size 0 is 2.00mm,

size 1 is 2.35mm, size 2 is 2.54mm,

size 3 is 3.25mm, size 6 is 4.11mm.


In Bronze, size 00 is 1.55mm

size 1 is 2.38mm,

size 3 is 3.10mm,

and size 6 is 3.87mm. 


 Please note: I charge my standard US shipping amount for things going to the UK, Australia, Scandinavia, and Europe.





Mollys Double Pointed Knitting Needles

featured  on the

 Wendy Knits    blog. 

 'Knitting and spinning. The fun never stops.'

Wendy says:

Ruffles Have Ridges

And so do my new silver dpns.

A number of you commented on the ridges in the dpns, asking if that impeded the movement of stitches on the needles.

One of the main issues I have with metal dpns is that the needle falls out of the stitches way too easily. I remember a pair of patterned Norwegian socks I knitted on some small size steel dpns -- I had a hell of a time keeping my needles in my work.

I took my new silver needles on my commute on Friday and am happy to report that the ridges in the needles kept the stitches in place, even on the bumpy train. But they do not slow up my knitting at all -- I can easily move the stitches across the ridges. They just give the needle a bit of "grab."

They are certainly heavier than my bamboo dpns, but in size 2.0mm, this is not an issue. It only took a couple of rounds before I was used to knitting with them.

Unlike the Knitpicks dpns in the smaller sizes, the points are not so pointy that it's painful when you stub your finger on them. Yet they were pointy enough for me to easily pick up my wraps on my short-row toe.

Does it sound like I like these needles? Yes I do! The surface of them is not completely round -- they have a lovely handmade look (because they are -- duh) and it does not in anyway detract from their usability. If anything, it adds to the enjoyment of the process for me.

 Check out the Celtic Swan website -- they've got lots of beautiful things there.

Thanks very much Wendy.

( Wendy D. Johnson !  the author of

" Wendy Knits: My Never- Ending  Adventures in Yarn " )  




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