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The Great Sock Trade 2014~Celtic Swan Forge is announcing the new annual sock trade! Trade a pair of natural fiber socks you knit~for a set of Celtic Swan Double Pointed Knitting Needles in Bronze that Molly will hand make for you.


The trade offer for this year is full,

but you can get on a waiting list in case someone drops out.




A 14kt Gold Crochet Hook that I made has just been featured in

 Vogue Knitting Crochet 2014

special collectors edition.

What an real honor to be in this is very beautiful magazine!~

it is just out now and on the stands through the summer.     

Thanks Vogue!


~NEW! Preview our Celtic Swan Circular Needles! at a one day trunkshow at Mrs Hudson's Yarns and Teas, Bellingham, Washington.
We'll have our hand made Knitting Needles set with semi-precious stones, Double Pointed Knitting Needles, Crochet Hooks, Shawl pins, Sleying hooks, Spinners hooks, Yarn needles, 14kt Gold, Diamonds, Amethysts, & more pairs of stones to choose from. Bronze Celtic brooches, prices $30 and up.
~~We'll have on display over 40 pairs of hand knit natural fiber socks from our annual needles-for-socks trade of the past year.
~~Molly will be demonstrating her original Celtic Knot design method throughout the day, and have her book, Design Your Own Celtic Knots for sale as well.
*Write to us if you’d like a trunk show in your favorite shop.

May 31, 2014 @ 10:00 AM until 6pm


Just finished and delivered this

This is a large Sterling Silver Serving Spoon that I recently made and delivered.

 I set 2 green rose cut Phrenites and a rose cut Moonstone.


We are buying our Rose Cut Stones from a Dutch stone dealer in Hong Kong.

 She is getting great quality & cutting.


Fine Silver Baby spoon set with an Amethyst cabochon February birth stone.

 Made to use. Hand forged from one ingot~ easy to clean.

Suitable for engraving on the back.

5" long. A generous 3/4 of an ounce of fine silver.

.999 is pure Silver & the very best for the baby.
We will make one for any month you'd like.


please write to commission one for the baby ~ john@CelticSwan.com or molly@CelticSwan.com


more info & prices~ please click

Baby Spoons & Jewelry

New web page for our general Silver Smithing and Jewelry

We will be offering new things on this page.




Interweave Knitwear    fall/ winter issue 2013

 says kind things about our needles~

"these hand-forged straight needles are sleek and elegant,

perfectly weighted for effortless knitting,

 a satisfying joy to use."



Vogue Knitting

~holiday issue 2013

has great photos of our work including these



Sterling & 14 karat Gold

Two  matched  

1/4  carat Diamonds

4.5mm round 

~  diamond certificate included  (G H SI)


14 kt gold tube settings & 14 kt Gold wire inlay

our precious metals are 100% recycled ~ no new mined metal

guaranteed conflict free stones

size  6   Knitting Needles

forged and twisted

Sterling Silver Shafts.  12 " long.



plus shipping by Priority Mail Express, insured

for $51.10

For international shipping, or any questions ~ please inquire


The Great Sock Trade 2013~Celtic Swan Forge is announcing the new annual sock trade! Trade a pair of natural fiber socks you knit~for a set of Celtic Swan Double Pointed Knitting Needles in Bronze that Molly will hand make for you. Starts August first~see www.CelticSwan.com/socks.htm for details.






This is where we live and work. 

 We lived and did our metalwork on our  little sailboat "Grace" for 18 years. We moved off the boat and now live on the most beautiful farm on Lopez Island.  Our shop is in the "Green Bus" smithy.








picking cherries

 on the farm. molly on the front steps

 in a great pair of socks.


This is a mp3 John made of the frogs

 on the marsh on a 'moon lit night' one spring night.

click this to hear them.


Please click this link to listen to

an mp3  of a recording he made of

"the birds and bees in the cherry trees" out side our back door.

Two of Our  Sheep!       They are

Sennybridge Welsh.



Here is Lillibette .....    


click for larger image

                   and here is Petunia!


Here they are with their 'haircuts'







Molly loves rocks! We are cutting and setting our one cabochons some from down at the farm's beach.   








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